The New York Lottery made an exciting announcement on Wednesday revealing that a winning Mega Millions ticket was sold in East Syracuse for the April 18 drawing.

$20m Winning Mega Millions Ticket

The winning numbers for the drawing are 7-9-15-19-25, and the Mega Ball is 4. Although the identity of the lucky winner is yet to be revealed,


Mega Millions Winning Numbers

the owner of the store that sold the winning ticket, Bill Downs, is ecstatic that he could play a role in changing someone's life.

Bill Downs co-owns Church Wine and Liquor with his brother-in-law and has been running the store for the past seven years.

He hopes that the winner of the jackpot is one of his regular customers, as he has developed a deep appreciation for them over the years.

 Downs states, "As my regulars come in and you meet them over time, you kinda hope they win. My brother-in-law called me and said

 Hey did you hear it was from our store' and I was like 'Hey that's cool but I hope it is a regular — someone that we know.

Downs is not looking for any sort of reimbursement from the winner, unlike many other lottery ticket sellers.

 Instead, he has a simple request, "My customer base always says 'Yeah Bill, if we win the big one we will take care of you'

but all I want is a postcard -- just tell me how great the weather is where you land. That, to me, is awesome."

The winner of the life-changing $20 million reward has one year to get their ticket validated in order to receive the prize.

It's always exciting to hear about big lottery wins, and Downs and his customers are hoping to find out who the lucky winner is soon.

Final Thought About Mega Millions Jackpot

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