Friday Night Mega Millions Will Offer Its Largest End of the Year Jackpot Ever, a Whopping $640 Million.

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Mega Million Ending Year With Whopping $640m

This is the Sixth Time the Prize Has Ever Climbed Past the $600 Million Mark.

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If There is a Winner, They Can Choose to Take It in 30 Annual Installments or in a One Time, Lump Sum Payment of $328.3 Million.

The Jackpot Has Been Rolling Since It Was Last Won on Oct. 14, When Tickets Sold in California and Florida Shared a $502 Million Prize.

Since Mega Millions Began in May 2002, There Have Been 11 Winning Jackpots of $500 Million or More, Including Three That Exceeded $1 Billion.

But Know, the Odds of Winning the Top Prize Are Not in Your Favor - Only About 1 in 303 Million.

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 Players Have Better Odds of a Smaller Payoff, Such as Winning $1 Million for Matching Five Regular Numbers but Missing the Mega Ball.

If You Plan to Play in Hopes of Winning the Friday Drawing, Tickets Are $2 Each and Must Be Purchased by 10 P.m.

Craig Krisner, a Financial Adviser From Kirsner Wealth Management, Has This Guidance if Someone Does Claim the Huge Jackpot.

My Advice is to Take the Lump Sum Money, Pay the Taxes, and Walk Away With What You Can Get and Invest It," He Said. "That's Money You Have in Your Hands.

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